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The most professional and personalized care for international guests and their families.


English Speaking Doctors

We provide a team of excellent doctors, ready to understand your needs


In the heart of Rome

Our outpatient facility is located in the city center,

near the Spanish Steps


We will not leave you unattended

We guarantee medical assistance during the entire clinical assessment from diagnosis to treatment

Why Choose Us?

Improved information transfer

Because medical care relies on information management, accurate collection of patient's data is critical for correct diagnosis and treatment. All DIR’s professionals  are fluent English speakers, so medical errors due to language issues will be avoided. Additionally, patients will get a medical record in their own language that will be easy to understand for themselves, their physician and their health insurance company

Accessible communication

Communication is essential for successful relationship between patients and physicians. Language concordance helps patients to experience doctor's empathic response, to feel comfortable about asking more information regarding their medical condition and to participate in medical decision making. 

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Via Frattina,48 - 00187 Rome, Italy
800 592802 toll free from Italy
+39-06-90287042 from abroad
+1-437-8095337 Skype number

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About Us

Doctors in Rome is committed to offering an English speaking medical team which provides the highest standards of care from diagnosis to treatment. Our professionals are highly flexible and broadly experienced and possess a strong patient-focused attitude. All of our doctors have excellent communication skills and are multilingual for the patient's best comfort.

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